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Rundle Principal DR. Stuart Colesky
Principal's Perspective August 2017 Western Cape > George > RUNDLE COLLEGE

The month of August saw the release of the May/June Cambridge external exam results. Many students take advantage of this sitting to improve marks or do additional subjects after their November/December exam sitting. Thirteen Rundle College students took part and wrote over 30 exams. The exams varied from IGCSE through to AS and A level exams. The overall results were pleasing, however there is always room for improvement. Attendance of the upcoming Spring School is essential for students who are writing in the November exam session as it offers an opportunity for intensive, focused learning. We have seen a remarkable increase in our practical grades and now we should be focusing on meeting the other requirements to obtain those elusive A grades!

August also gave us another opportunity to meet with parents after progress reports were issued at the start of the new term. Three separate days were allocated to cover the primary and high school. I would like to thank the parents who made the effort to meet with their children’s tutors and me. For those hostel parents who were unable to meet with the tutors, I am very pleased to say that the Skype sessions were a great way to give you that personal feedback. I personally value this feedback and, as a result, next year would like to have the reports issued before the holidays. This will give parents and students an opportunity to work on areas of weakness during the holidays, saving time and hopefully remedying key points before the new term. I must also point out that not all students agreed with their parents on this point! ☺

Mrs. Sharon Puttick had her last day at Rundle College on Friday the 11th of August before going on maternity leave. Baby Colby Craig Elan-Puttick was born on Tuesday weighing 3.51kg and measuring 54cm in length! Congratulations on your new bundle of joy Sharon!! Sharon will be returning to her teaching position in term 4.

I would like to congratulate our participating students in achieving the First Aid Level 3 certification. This was a test of endurance and sacrifice having to give up their afternoons, weekends and even a public holiday! Despite the grueling time-table, they all managed to pass and were awarded their certificates. I am extremely proud of their achievement!

Our Checkpoint 3 students will soon be selecting their IGCSE subjects for next year. Information regarding subject choices has been sent home and a few of the students have made their selections already. The current IGCSE, second year students will also be selecting their choices for AS levels. This is again an important step in selecting the subjects which can best support their college or university application.

This year’s matric dance will be held at the Protea Hotel King George on the 1st of September. The Matrics of 2017 are a small group of 16 students. This is considerably smaller than last year’s group and as such the event will be a small intimate affair with around 40 people in attendance. I am sure we will see a few photos on our Facebook page in the coming weeks!

Dr. Stuart Colesky