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New student Keith Lindsay, Checkpoint 1
Keith Lindsay Shares his First Term Experience Western Cape > George > RUNDLE COLLEGE

New Student Keith Lindsay recently shared his own Rundle revelation when he reflected on his exciting first term experience at our school.

“I came to Rundle College at the beginning of this year. The first month didn’t go so well, since I was new and not yet familiar with everything and didn’t know what to expect. However, the month of February was much better. I did homeschooling before and this is my first year attending school. My experience has been great so far. I am also a boarder at KeNako Academy and this has also been fantastic. I’ve had fun and made great memories. I also made good friends like, Drew, Josh, Clayton, Damian and many more. I hope I can stay here my entire life, but I know I will have to leave some day, but until then I am happy.”

Keith Lindsay, Checkpoint 1